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Media/Gallery: Pro Gallery

Commercial Style Video

A commercial video made for a local holiday park which features on there Facebook page. Includes voice-over, aerial and handheld shots. Click the link to see the video.

Media/Gallery: Video

2022 Show-reel

Show-reel for some of the work I can publish for 2022, a mix of work. Other videos on YouTube.

Media/Gallery: Video

2021 Show-reel

Show-reel for the work I can publish for 2021, a mix of work. Other videos on YouTube show editing skills!!

Media/Gallery: Video

2020 Show-reel

 2020 Show-reel from the flying I was able to do on jobs and between lockdowns 

Media/Gallery: Video

Mark Garrick and Case IH Tractors

This is video of an event held at Mark Garrick Agricultural Engineers for Case IH Tractors. Tractors featured are the Case IH 150, 240, 300 and the tracked 380.

Media/Gallery: Video

Inspections of Sites Closed of to People

Inspections available where people aren't allowed to go, small scale internal inspections available.

Media/Gallery: Video

Dallachy Strike Wing

360 Degree view of Dallachy Disused ATC

Media/Gallery: Video

3D Model

An example of an asset rendered in 3d on a computer and a 360 fly around.

Media/Gallery: Video
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